A walk in …


To put a metropolis in a matchbox is a bold venture.


No way – impossible – weirdo … you will never do London!


And I did it. As you can see.

Take a walk in London. Just a moment, we are about to start … quickly assemble the pieces …

Many moments later your eyes will still travel in and around London. Did you meet Jack the Ripper in his hometown?

Even those who have been on-site will begin to dream of things unseen.


A box full of London. A great experience awaits you. And you will contribute to it.


Finally, you put London into your pocket and walk away.


New York

New York, the city that doesn't sleep, shrunk to fit in a match box.


Still, when you let your eyes wander around, you will find many things, views and sceneries which you know – maybe from personal experience.


New York as we know it today began when the Native American sold Manhattan to Peter Stuyvesant for legendary $24. The deal is shown here at the tip of New York, next to Fort Amsterdam, close to the Staten Island Ferry.