Imagine you find a small colourful box. Apparently somebody lost her matches. "That's a nice looking one!" you think and pocket it. "It might be useful some day."


Some days later you want to light a candle and remember the box of matches. But there are no matches in it. It's small pieces of paper with printed figures and tiny numbers. Many of them – how did they all fit in the small box? You also find an instruction and you begin putting it all together.


A whimsical world unfolds in your hands. People, animals, towers, houses and trees. Some of them look familiar to you. You remember personal events, short and long stories and even what you learned in history lessons. A fairytale, a town or a circus condensed in narrow space. And still, so big that you can hardly believe. A small world in a matchbox.


All our journeys begin in our thoughts. Just my small boxes begin with Adam & Eve …… such a long time ago ……

… in my small boxes – a whole new whimsical world

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