How come I make all those small things?

Anybody can do big things. I make small things only. From big to small, if you will.


I create short and long stories, lure them into my boxes, encase them, find their essence.


It can be hard to find solutions. At the beginning of each theme nothing fits. The stories and the shapes are too big or too small. Nothing at all is just right to go into the box. The walls are bend, no more space for even one additional piece! I have to delete some pieces, even many, to find the essence of the theme. To create a consistent box.

A simple match box is the basis of all my work. It has evolved into a high tech box. I use the newest technology. Nothing is too difficult for an engineer. To say it differently: you need to know a lot to make things simple.

The match box are a stage for many stories. A stage for extraordinary encounters – one day Goethe and Micky Mouse might met with Luther being the moderator.

Art is concentrated in small format. Minor art if you will. With culture, curiosity and lots of other things included. I all mix it, stir it and knit it to together. Finally a new box is released to the great and noisy world.

You discovered it by chance. Then you let it unfold its charm and feel a little bit touched. The condensed interior evokes adventure and surprise – or surprising adventures?


Some people may call my boxes dust catchers. That's true, they are dust catchers. Very, very small ones, though. And the stories continue beneath the dust …

Richard Wetzel