Utopia, Luck & Art

Art is in the eye of the beholder. Grease corners and stains, an empty crossword puzzle – breaking with traditions can alienate some people. Gifts for art lovers and lateral thinkers.


Happiness researchers, dreamers and visionaries will love the small gifts for the beautiful moments in life.

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To order 3 or more matchboxes please use the quantity order.

Not suitable for children under 36 months.


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A happy day - Wedding

A small gift for the wedding, an engagement gift, a greeting card or a gift for the guests. You can certainly think of more things you can do with this wedding party in a matchbox. For lovers and wedding planners.

Pig Luck

Pig luck - that means a lot of luck. Here it is for sale. Seven lucky charms to give away in a matchbox. On New Year, for a birthday or for an exam. With this nothing can go wrong. Especially if you add a lucky penny (cents also work).

For fortune tellers, fortune tellers and shamans.

This is (no) pipe

The silhouettes of five people become (no) pipe. Put the pictures on top of each other so that in the middle remains a hole with the outline of a pipe.

A beautiful greeting from the painter Magritte.

Utopia - a dream house

Who did not want to live in a tower and enjoy the view over the city as a child? Now there is a tower made of a matchbox. This house they put together every time differently. The tower can grow draw your dream home on solid paper and build in the sky. In the end, the flag will fly so high that you can reach for the stars.

A gift for home builders and a nod to Hundertwasser.

100 years of DADA

DADA, the bankruptcy declaration of all the most sacred values of citizens. In Dadaism the fools triumphed over the accountants. Dadaists demanded the jamboree in all seriousness. Is that art?

100 years of DADA in a matchbox. A gift for art lovers.