History and Stories

History and stories in a matchbox. Adam and Eve in paradise, Noah saves two animals of each kind in the ark and the holy three kings worship the newborn Christ. Luther changes Christianity and Baron von Drais invents the bicycle.

Small gifts for historians, time travellers and Bible festivals.

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Bike Arena

Karl Drais invented the first running wheel 200 years ago. Others quickly copied his invention and refined it further and further. To this day, people use bicycles to get to their destinations. And they often transport loads in the process. They have come up with many bizarre and absurd ways to get to their destination quickly using muscle power.

A gift for nostalgics and cyclists.


Martin Luther: 500 Jahre Reformation

500 years ago, in 1517, Martin Luther posted his theses on the castle church in Wittenberg. This marked the beginning of the Reformation in Germany.

A gift for pastors, religion teachers and deacons or material for religion classes.

Noah's Arch

Christmas Crib