Small miracles, fairy tales and theatres

Small miracles

A trip to the farm, zoo and circus in the tiny space of a matchbox. A gift for animal lovers, circus directors and zookeepers. Or a giveaway for children's birthdays.


Fairy Tales

"Once upon a time ..." takes us to wondrous worlds. Stories of elves and goblins, vno wizards and witches, of kings and peasants.  All children become silent and listen spellbound when a fairy tale is told. Even today. Together with your child, build the box while telling the story.



Come in! Come in! Come to the Comedia dell'arte with its eerily beautiful stories to make you laugh and cry. See the fattest man in the world in the Curiosa Cabinet. Casperle and his friends are also already there. And the grown-ups enjoy the Magic Flute. Come in! Come in!

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Not suitable for children under 36 months.


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A keepsake for a trip to a farm in a matchbox. Where the cows moo, the goats bleat and the horses neigh. Between their legs cavort chickens, dog and cat. A gift for goose maids, tractor drivers, apple pickers, small and large children.


In the circus we expect breathtaking performances. A human pyramid trying to overcome gravity. A giant elephant balancing on a small barrel. A clumsy clown with a big mouth. This circus fits in any pocket. Giveaway for children's birthdays, memento for the last visit to the circus or comfort for sick children.

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel standing in front of the crunchy house of the wicked witch. A fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, which every child knows to this day.

A little box for fairy tale lovers.

Bremen town musicians

"Well, you red-head," said the donkey, "better go away with us, you will find something better than death anywhere; you have a good voice, and if we make music together, it must have a kind." The rooster joins the animals. They never reach Bremen, but they find a good life.


What trees must there be where the big elephants go for a walk, without bumping into them?* Where the lions loll about, the peacock greets the penguins. And the children stand curiously amazed eye to eye with a tiger. It's a zoo in a matchbox - an eye journey to the wildest animals.
A gift for animal lovers and children.

* From a German nursery song

Snow White

Snow White is asleep, but not forever. Maybe your child and his friends wake her up? A guest gift for children's birthday parties.

Frau Holle

"What are you afraid of, dear child? Stay with me, if you want to do all the work in the house properly, then it shall go well with you. You only have to take care that you make my bed well and shake it up diligently so that the feathers fly, then it will snow in the world; I am Frau Holle."

A classic fairy tale in a matchbox.

Sleeping Beauty

"There was a legend in the country about the beautiful sleeping Sleeping Beauty, for that was the name of the king's daughter, so that from time to time the king's sons came and wanted to penetrate through the hedge into the castle. But they could not, for the thorns, as if they had hands, held tightly together, and the young men got caught in them, could not get loose again, and died a miserable death." Until after 100 years the curse is lifted and a prince can enter the castle.