From old times and still alive

I want to ride my bicycle

222 years under their belt – minimum – and still alive.


Yesterday we got on our bikes and today we feel much younger. What is nicer: cycling or swimming?


Ride your bike, go on a tour around the world. Some things you see will seem familiar to you. Sure, there is a lot offered.

Have a look at the panorama. Find your own bike or those of your children. You might even find some artistic bikes.


People have invented so many bikes. Bizarre and ludicrous ways to travel fast from A to B. Some of them were just invented to have a great experience.


Go on a trip – we have a bike for you.

500 years reformation

500 years old - and still ongoing?

Important questions come to mind now. Did it happen at all? What did remain? And what does it mean foe me?


Follow the reformation in sceneries and images from the most important events of that time. Meet the people who attended, supported or opposed Martin Luther.


The sayings and declarations of Martin Luther were not recorded, therefore they are incomplete in this tableau. The depicted scenes are not  carved in stone – so or so like they may have happened.

The adult Martin Luther and his wife Katharina von Bora stand in front of the house where Luther was born.  Katharina was a businesswoman and landlady. She made sure, that the table was laid every day … have a look at the scenery behind them.