Eine ganze Stadt in einer Streichholzschachtel (und sogar zwei Länder)

Great cities and even countries in an itty-bitty matchbox to give away: for moving into the new apartment, as a pretty wrapping for a travel voucher or for the homesick in a foreign country.  Take a stroll through the city, remember a good time, look over Sherlock Holmes' shoulder in London, listen to Edith Piaff in Paris or visit Zille's milieu in Berlin.


Berlin | Bremen | Dresden | Frankfurt | Hamburg | Hameln | Heidelberg | Cologne | Leipzig | Mainz | Munich | Münster | Nuremberg | Stuttgart | Weimar | Wittenberg


London | New York | Paris


United Kingdom | Switzerland

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Not suitable for children under 36 months.


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I still have a matchbox in Berlin. Climb the TV tower at Alexanderplatz, stroll through the Brandenburg Gate and circle the Victory Column.
For Berliners, new Berliners and former Berliners.

New York

Visit the city that never sleeps. Take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, cross the bridges to Brooklyn, climb the Freedom Tower.
For New Yorkers and high flyers.


In the Wilhelma the lions roar, in the Staatsgalerie the old and new masters welcome you and from the TV tower you enjoy the view far beyond the city. You are in Stuttgart.
For Swabians and Swabian haters.

Luther in Wittenberg

500 years ago, in 1517, Martin Luther posted his theses on the castle church in Wittenberg. This marked the beginning of the Reformation in Germany.
For pastors, religious education teachers and deacons or material for religious education classes.


Listen to the chimes of Big Ben, marvel at the city from the top of the Ferris wheel, avoid Jack the Ripper and meet Sherlock Holmes.
For London lovers and royalists.


Paris is always worth a trip, even if only in your mind. Climb the Eiffel Tower, decipher the smile of the Mona Lise in the Louvre and debate with Napoléon Bonaparte.
For Paris addicts and lovers.


Goethe dictates to his secretary and Schiller seeks inspiration. The Anna Amalia Library houses the precious books from past centuries. The Bauhaus changed art 100 years ago. Weimar is pure culture.
For classics and their lovers.

United Kingdom

Great Britain has a lot to offer, not only rain. Travel by sailing ship, visit Stonehenge with the Queen and drink whisky to bagpipe music. A gift for English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and Royalist.