what will we have today?

Food is wonderful – as are my match boxes with their whimsical content.


Is this comparison (too) bold?


Looking through the manifold titles of my boxes is like reading the menu of a speciality restaurant. You are excited by the idea of so much being found in such a little space. Curiosity arises. You read fancy names standing for great choices.

And the main dish?

Sorting the pieces, seeing them correspond with each other and putting them together is like eating the main course. Everything falls in place.

Followed by the dessert … so much detail, so many surprises. Like spices. Wanting to cross the town? It will just take a blink to discover something new – and to meet a well-known person.


It is like the essence of occidental culture. All its possibilities unfold before our eyes, making a great rumpus once you released them from their small box. It is a feast for the eyes and a marvellous final for a good meal.


All our journeys begin in our thoughts. Just my small boxes begin with Adam & Eve …… such a long time ago ……