How to build a small world from a matchbox

As easy as child's play

There's lot's of pieces in such a small matchbox. Still, it's as easy as child's play to put them all together.

  • You will need your fingers and a bit of patience. No more. All pieces are ready to use and can be put together right away.
  • An instruction with pictures is included in each box.
  • All pieces are put together without glue. You can dismount them at any time. You don't want to look at a christmas crib in summer, do you?
  • Each piece has a number at it's footer. You will find the same numbers at the slits in the box. So that you always know which piece is put where.
  • All boxes here in the shop have lasered slits. Thus the pieces fit perfectly and are easy to assemble.
  • All boxes here in the shop have lasered seams. That makes them easy to fold and unfold.
  • For the towns and countries I have included a list of buildings, sights and people on the instruction sheet.

How to assemble the boxes

 Take all pieces out of the box ans put them on a table. Have a look at the illustrated instruction.


All pieces and slots are numbered [with some exceptions for boxes in the standard format]. Sort the pieces by their numbers. Compare them with the illustration to find their places. Some of them are complicated – make sure you don't mix them up.


Find the piece number one to start with. Please use both hands and always handle the pieces as shown in the instruction. When you fold and unfold the pieces and prepare the slots be gentle but firm. Do one step after the other. Putting the pieces on place one by one you will see the box unfold. You won't need glue and you will always be able to dissemble the box and assemble it later.