From Utopia to hapiness

With Adam & Eve in paradise

Adam & Eve lived in a tiny, unimposing, nearly invisible thingamabob. The walls were slanting, it had no roof. A twisted little thing.


They pressed hard, pushed the walls and pottered about and their thingamabox became nicer and nicer.


All came and stayed. Together they made it prettier and prettier.


The grand void filled with trees and animals. And suddenly they were in paradise. Tiny and still full of miracles.

nach oben

Is it christmas again?

This great moment in history of Christianity has been depicted by artists and artisans countless times.


It is christian tradition to set up a crib in the weeks before christmas.


The children and grandchildren will come and love this tiny crib. They will add to it what they find in the depth of their treasure box.

Until finally all their beloved ones have found a place nearby. They are visiting craftsmen and envoys now. Marveling and spreading the word of the miracle in the children's world.

You want to travel at christmas? This crib will fit into the smallest lugagge and the three wise men will show you the way.


nach oben

Its all real, isn't it?

This tower is high indeed! One thinks "how come?".


It reaches to the sky where moon, stars and sun are at home. Up there an acrobat shows a daring feat.


It's surreal, utopian. Such a tall thingamabob was in such a small box. It doesn't seem to fit. And still – it's no trick.


It all begins on a flower meadow in summer. Soon the tower grows, erected by you. And enters your world.


Next time you build it this beanpole may look different. Swap the pieces and turn them around.

Go further, exchange the pieces, draw something funny yourself, cut out a dreamy scene and invite your beloved ones to join.

Alas, do what you like!


An utopian tower … and a wee bit real.

nach oben

Once there was a flood

Look here! Another lovely piece found in the seemingly infinite collection.


Every child in our world is told about the Noachian flood at some time. The tiny eyes imagine the ark far away in Neverland, where the flood may have happened a long time ago.


A great moment in history finds it way in to our life. Can history come to a better end?


When back all the animals catch their eyes, which seek a place on the ark. They bring their darlings from their collection so that they will be rescued by Noah as well.